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Monster Hunter: World – There’s still shit to do

So yeah, I have positive feelings for Monster Hunter: World. I spent a lot of energy and words saying that [LINK ARTICLE HERE]. I have found it a little hard to keep track of all the events that have been going on. As of right now, you can jump in on the Spring Blossom event which is replaying every available event quest to date. This means you have a second chance to make your palico look like this among other things:

Oh yeah also PS4 owners get to dress like Ryu or Aloy from Horizon, which fuck you btw (I am a salty xboner owner). That too is scheduled to end with the Spring Blossom event.

The Spring Blossom event will end April 19th of this month. While there will be new event quests beginning 4/20 (nice), the next fancy costume will be this lovely guy:

While Dante (at least this one) hasn’t exactly been relevant since 2008 and a recent reissue of the Devil May Cry collection, that isn’t stopping Capcom from dropping a pretty bad-ass cameo. This will be available April 27th.

You can peep Capcom’s upcoming event schedule for yourself here. Happy hunting.


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Rockets seriously double-down on Harden


All eyes are on Houston after resigning James Harden to a four-year “Supermax” deal, after finishing up with his two-year $59 million dollar contract. Harden is in the most elite of elite company when it comes to pay scale, rivaled only by Steph Curry who agreed to a five-year $200 million dollar contract. LeBron James congratulated him via Twitter along with new teammate Chris Paul through Instagram.

This contract is one of the biggest contracts in NBA history. Though question is whether Harden will actually prove to be worth the king’s ransom he’ll be making. Will vhe take the Rockets to the promised land they’ve been missing for years? Will he be good enough to make it to the Finals? Houston must feel damn good about their team to put this much on the line. Don’t get me wrong here, I like the guy. He plays his heart out on the court but he has a tendency to flop a lot. Ignoring that last year proved he still isn’t going nowhere but up. Last season he had the best offensive season in NBA history, doing better than Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant in their primes.

He’s eager and hungry to get the Rockets up there and bring a ring home. This man has become the first player in NBA history to total 2,000 points, 900 assists, and 600 rebounds in a single season. Read that again. Now the head office have to do the right moves make the team great around Harden to have a chance to take it to the Finals. Harden is still young in the game, question is can he continue his meteoric ascent? If they play it well the Houston Rockets can be the next great team the West has, in an already hilariously stacked conference.

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Let’s Review it

Recently I went to the movies, and had a chance to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  Now if you haven’t seen it yet go see it! One thing to keep in mind stay until the very end of the movie after the credits or you’ll miss the small clips they added through out. Yes that means once you see one of the employees coming in to clean you can leave. It is funny, in its own levels so make sure you go see it and you’ll see what I mean. I can not wait until the next one. Now if you have time to squeeze one more movie check out “How to be a Latin Lover,” it’s nothing but good laughs that you will have. Next on the list will be “Snatched,” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Cheated and baby on the way

lebron james carmelo anthony 010812

After years of a rocky marriage this might be the end of it. Carmelo is known to be unfaithful to La La but now it gets worse when he allegedly knocked up one of the employees of NYC gentlemen’s club. Now this mistress is asking for all her medical expenses to be covered by Carmelo Anthony and step up to the plate on his daddy role. Now it’s time to take action and start a paternity test Carmelo if not La La and does divorce papers will be on the way. Only three months left before the baby is here.

Cinema at Home: The Accountant (2016)

Ben Affleck’s The Accountant would be best served as a prequel to his upcoming “The Batman” film, which is currently being re-written again, hopefully to accommodate this film as canon with his character. Never mind what it really is. For what it’s worth, it’s like a film setting up a cinematic universe of charming autist savants and assassins quickly broken down by childhood trauma. The film follows Ben Affleck, or Chris (I FORGOT), a young man trained by an insane father to be an international accountant slash assassin with his younger brother.

This film has it all. Affleck as a budding Bruce Wayne just starting to be Batman for the very first time. (NAME HERE) as the inexplicably love interest. Jon Berenthal as Deathstroke, but with a secret twist tying him to Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. (NAME HERE) as a female Commissioner Barbra Gordon hunting down the vigilante known as Batman. Only thing is our Accountant has a penchant for shooting people, but we’ve seen in Superman vs. Batman that Batffleck has no compuncture shooting people. Seriously this movie has it all.

It’s a strange amalgamation of his friend Matt Damon’s Borne Identity, with its plethora of black ops loops and turns mixed with bizarre super-heroics. It so badly wants to be identified as a refined man’s action film but it fails. Skyfall this is not. Again, taken as a recent Batman prequel, I think it will extend your enjoyment of this film far more than it will provide on its own merits. I wanted to laugh I just wasn’t quite sure when, not unlike our socially inept protagonists throughout the entire film. Perhaps it was more meant as a statement of support toward the autistic community, that you too can aspire to be high-powered assassin/accountants if you just focus on math. We may never know.

In fairness to The Accountant, I could recommend this movie as a date-night drinking game. A shot for every time a joke is misunderstood, or when Affleck starts rocking himself, or when reciting his Solomon Grundy chant (you’ll know what I mean). There are a lot of opportunities with this film as a drinking game, but I don’t quite think anyone will remember The Accountant once it’s swapped out of the Redbox rotation.

But no seriously. Fuck this movie. It’s not good without the enhancement of chemical substances (i.g. alcohol, weed, something that won’t make you want to leave more than you’d already want to).