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In Case You Missed It: USA vs Costa Rica World Cup Qualifier

In case you missed last night’s riveting USA loss to Costa Rica (I say this as sarcastically as humanly possible), let this one gif be your perfect recap for last night’s 2-0 loss.



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Here’s some stuff we said you might’ve missed through the week:

Microsoft was to ditch Paint, changes mind

Squirtle Squad (Original)1

Pictures like the image above wouldn’t be possible without MS Paint. Ok, that’s not true, but I love using it and I needed an excuse to post pictures I doodle occasionally. However there was brief panic among MS Paint lovers when word spread Microsoft was going to drop support of MS Paint once the fall Creators Update released. However, social media, as it is wont to do, cried out to save the beloved program you typically ignore once you install Photoshop or Gimp or something.

Microsoft went on record to clarify they aren’t killing Paint, and that it’ll still be available for download through the Windows Store. Though they would prefer you went with its successor, Paint3D, which you can download now. It has a different feel than the comfortably spartan MS Paint but in Paint3D’s defense it is a bit fun, if clunky.

Sources: Microsoft, CNBC, The Guardian

Thanks for reading, here’s that damn Avengers: Infinity War trailer

We’ve been waiting since 2008 for this to come and we’re almost there: we’re a year away from Marvel’s Infinity War. For too long have we seen Thanos sitting on his ass, now it’s time for him to do something…just as soon as we get done with a Thor and Black Panther movies first, which are looking pretty good too.

Enjoy your Sunday, here’s some stuff you might’ve missed from last week.

Lesson learned?


It took a video of Chyna kissing a nobody, lawyers, untold amounts of cash, a television program and a temporary restraining order for Rob to finally realize a relationship with Chyna was bad news. Everyone saw it coming but hold on just yet. We’ve heard him apologize in the past and still end up going back to her.

After a court date with Chyna on Monday, he privately apologized to his sisters and to his mother for exposing Chyna online rather than handling his business quietly. I bet he wishes he had taken their warning seriously now.

Rob has been hanging out with big sis Khloe and boyfriend Tristan Thompson trying to better himself and move forward. There was no hesitation the family was always there to support him, but he would push them away not wanting to accept truths about his relationship with Chyna.

Her true colors have come to light and he’s seemingly taking responsibility for this situation and better himself for their child, Dream. Although he has promised it won’t happen again, we’ll be waiting sipping our tea as per the usual.