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At the Movies Double-Feature: The Emoji Movie and Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets


Every summer there’s always those movies. The ones where you ask yourself, “why?” For fun yeah but, like, why this? Movies cost a lot to make, so you would think it since it takes a ton of effort on the part of animators and so many others, that. I wouldn’t be asking for much for it to be decent right? So as it is every summer, there’s the turd. The Emoji Movie is that turd.

The movie revolves around Gene, who is supposed the “meh” emoji. He’s not like the other emojis where their faces are set and don’t ever change. Gene, on the other hand, goes through all kinds of faces. He just doesn’t want to be a “meh” emoji. At first it caught my attention and I wanted to see where they were going with it. But 20 minutes into the movie and I just so badly wanted something to happen.

The plot of the movie involves all the emojis living in a phone, and Gene discovers the owner, Alex, is planning to resetting his phone, deleting everything. Now when I saw the previews I was excited thinking it would be funny and we would get a chance to see how emojis live day to day life in this fantasy world. I mean, isn’t that at least sort of the point for these movies?

Anyway fuck it, the film was a waste of money. I could say more but honestly what’s the use? The Emoji Movie makes it seem like the writers ran out of ideas and out of random they decided to make an emoji movie with no good story to go with it. I’ll give it the animation was decent but I feel bad for the people who had to animate a script my niece would’ve done a way better job with. That’s it, that’s what I have to say about The Emoji Movie.

As for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, just like The Emoji Movie, was decent to watch because of its fancy visual effects. For the plot, it felt very poor plus the acting wasn’t there either. It all felt a bit goofy when the actors were trying to be serious. Either be willing to have fun or be serious, but don’t try to sell me whatever this was.

If the storytelling was a bit more thoughtout I believe it could’ve been great. Both Rihanna and Cara Delevingne are trying to make a stamp for themselves as actresses but they have a long way to go still. Rihanna’s scenes were too short and Cara just had that “I want to laugh look” while trying to be serious at nearly all times. The only part that seemed decent was at the point they were trying to sava Cara from being eaten.

Valerian kinda obviously has a Star Wars vibe going on, which was something I think sorta saved this movie for me. I don’t like giving spoilers so this is all I’m saying about the films, but honestly I gave you as much details as the films really gave me. They’re both entertaining movies to a degree thanks to their looks but beyond that they both have horrible plots.



Rockets seriously double-down on Harden


All eyes are on Houston after resigning James Harden to a four-year “Supermax” deal, after finishing up with his two-year $59 million dollar contract. Harden is in the most elite of elite company when it comes to pay scale, rivaled only by Steph Curry who agreed to a five-year $200 million dollar contract. LeBron James congratulated him via Twitter along with new teammate Chris Paul through Instagram.

This contract is one of the biggest contracts in NBA history. Though question is whether Harden will actually prove to be worth the king’s ransom he’ll be making. Will vhe take the Rockets to the promised land they’ve been missing for years? Will he be good enough to make it to the Finals? Houston must feel damn good about their team to put this much on the line. Don’t get me wrong here, I like the guy. He plays his heart out on the court but he has a tendency to flop a lot. Ignoring that last year proved he still isn’t going nowhere but up. Last season he had the best offensive season in NBA history, doing better than Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant in their primes.

He’s eager and hungry to get the Rockets up there and bring a ring home. This man has become the first player in NBA history to total 2,000 points, 900 assists, and 600 rebounds in a single season. Read that again. Now the head office have to do the right moves make the team great around Harden to have a chance to take it to the Finals. Harden is still young in the game, question is can he continue his meteoric ascent? If they play it well the Houston Rockets can be the next great team the West has, in an already hilariously stacked conference.

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Rob Kardashian going in on Blac Chyna


Love it or hate it, nothing gets Twitter frothing into a frenzy quite like celebrity drama unfolded in real-time. But no one expected it to be this juicy and let everything out. Rob Kardashian is finally fed up with Blac Chyna’s infidelities, in which he’s known and talked about in the past but always seemed to push it aside for the love he has for Chyna.

Anyone who has followed this drama via social media or, heaven help you, watched an episode of “Rob & Chyna” it seemed almost clear as daylight things weren’t quite right with their relationship. This is all ignoring pre-existing connections: specifically Chyna has a child with Tyga, who at the time was statutorily raping Kylie Jenner. Right there and then it should’ve been red flags everywhere, knowing that all she wanted was more fame to bring in more money and get back at Tyga for dating Kylie.

By this point you may be asking yourself why the fuck is this anyone’s business or, better yet, why is this news. To answer the latter, no it’s not news, but there’s something about public meltdowns that are not unlike freeway accidents. It knots your stomach to think about the accident but there’s no way you’re ignoring the fucking rubble. A small part inside of you enjoys this while laughing and nodding your heads on what a shit show it is.

Now Rob Kardashian may get penalized for posting all this on social media about Blac Chyna due to it being a possible online crime. Due to California’s revenge porn law, Rob could face jail time. It’s still not very clear on what will happen and if it will follow through. Now we wait for more drama to come out!


Let’s Review it

Recently I went to the movies, and had a chance to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  Now if you haven’t seen it yet go see it! One thing to keep in mind stay until the very end of the movie after the credits or you’ll miss the small clips they added through out. Yes that means once you see one of the employees coming in to clean you can leave. It is funny, in its own levels so make sure you go see it and you’ll see what I mean. I can not wait until the next one. Now if you have time to squeeze one more movie check out “How to be a Latin Lover,” it’s nothing but good laughs that you will have. Next on the list will be “Snatched,” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Cheated and baby on the way

lebron james carmelo anthony 010812

After years of a rocky marriage this might be the end of it. Carmelo is known to be unfaithful to La La but now it gets worse when he allegedly knocked up one of the employees of NYC gentlemen’s club. Now this mistress is asking for all her medical expenses to be covered by Carmelo Anthony and step up to the plate on his daddy role. Now it’s time to take action and start a paternity test Carmelo if not La La and does divorce papers will be on the way. Only three months left before the baby is here.

What To Expect For Super Bowl LI


First and foremost I am not shocked that the Patriots have made it to the Super Bowl once again. They’ve had a lot on their plate since the long publicized “Deflategate”. New England started the season without Tom Brady for four games with no pay (along with a first-round pick loss). We all thought it would bring them down for the first couple of games of the season but they started better than expected. They proved Brady wasn’t needed with the help of James Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett. The Patriots are favored to win the Super Bowl but as history has shown anything can happen. A great season is meaningless without the Lombardi Trophy, just ask Dallas. At the end of the road for New England ends in a showdown against Atlanta.


The Falcons have proved themselves this year but this isn’t Atlanta’s first post-season rodeo. They’ve made it a habit over the last few years flaming out at the exact wrong times. The last time the Falcons made it to the Super Bowl with a win was back in 1998 against the Vikings going into overtime and taking the game 30-27. They returned the following year but with a 19-34 loss to Denver. Matt Ryan has been playing his heart out and to be honest no one has really been giving the Falcons the credit they really deserve this season. Focus has been fixed on the consistently dominant Patriots but the win is anything but assured. Not yet anyway.


Matt Ryan needed one key to open Pandora’s Box in Julio Jones, Atlanta’s star wideout. Against the Packers Atlanta delivered a beatdown with every Green Bay turnover. Every time the Falcons had a chance to have the ball they took it to their advantage and went for it. This alone will be a major key for them to win it all. If you’d listen to the press, New England’s next victory is almost all but assured. However the playoffs has always been about getting hot at exactly the right time, and as it stands Atlanta is scorching. Still they are the underdogs and I can’t wait to see what a good game this will be.
Let the Best team take it all!

Harden Propelling Rockets


James Harden seemed liked he had lost his game on the court but he just showed us that he was a little rusty. In last nights game against the Philadelphia 76ers he finished with 51 points, 13 rebounds, and 13 assists ending the game at 123-118. This isn’t his first time breaking a record he’s done it before on New Year’s Eve against the New York Knicks. The Rockets ended the game with 129-122 win against the Knicks giving James Harden the most ever points to make in his career with 53 points, 16 rebounds and 17 assists. Harden has made top number one in having 50 plus point triple-doubles in his career in one season. No other NBA player has done that all in one season. Harden may be an All-Star player when he’s playing like an MVP. Question is will he eventually revert in time for the playoffs? He has the potential for more and I hope he continues to strive with the Houston Rockets. Let’s see if James Harden will continue to break his own records to stay on top. Once they go to the playoffs it will be crunch time, now Harden is known to break under pressure. Will he keep his game up to make it far with the Rockets once Playoffs come around and continue setting new records in his career?