Monster Hunter: World – There’s still shit to do

So yeah, I have positive feelings for Monster Hunter: World. I spent a lot of energy and words saying that [LINK ARTICLE HERE]. I have found it a little hard to keep track of all the events that have been going on. As of right now, you can jump in on the Spring Blossom event which is replaying every available event quest to date. This means you have a second chance to make your palico look like this among other things:

Oh yeah also PS4 owners get to dress like Ryu or Aloy from Horizon, which fuck you btw (I am a salty xboner owner). That too is scheduled to end with the Spring Blossom event.

The Spring Blossom event will end April 19th of this month. While there will be new event quests beginning 4/20 (nice), the next fancy costume will be this lovely guy:

While Dante (at least this one) hasn’t exactly been relevant since 2008 and a recent reissue of the Devil May Cry collection, that isn’t stopping Capcom from dropping a pretty bad-ass cameo. This will be available April 27th.

You can peep Capcom’s upcoming event schedule for yourself here. Happy hunting.