The UFC is in a superstar tailspin and Jon Jones is likely suspended again


By now you may have heard UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones tested positive for doping (substance unknown at current time). This puts the UFC in a tremendously shitty spot after it just reclaimed Jones from his previous suspension and Jones has been drumming the hype machine for a potential bout with Brock Lesnar (which could still happen, more in a minute), or bouts against the light-heavyweight divisions best like Alexander Gustaffson (whom Jones beat soundly).

Jones will face an immediate two-year suspension for testing positive for turinabol. This is a hard blow to the UFC, and most especially to Jones’ career which, while very premature to call finished, could be at its end where the UFC is concerned. Though you’d forgive the UFC of taking this slowly, since they’re not exactly flushing with sell-able stars at the moment.

One does have to wonder how many times Jones can catch a case and how many times the UFC is willingly to forgive it. Jones is an absolutely gifted fighter who technically is undefeated to this day despite the single loss. That defeat came via a disqualification in 2009 where a very hyped Jones used (maybe unknowingly?) illegal elbow strikes brutalizing opponent Matt Hamill.

The UFC has had a major problem with stars lately, namely the inability to keep them fighting for the promotion, and fighting on-time for that matter. It’s most valuable current star, Conor McGregor, is off having the highest-paid boxing fight of all-time in what may very well devolve into a D-list celebrity styled boxing fight or, maybe against all odds, a genuinely interesting fight. Either way, the UFC doesn’t have too huge a stake in this, and it doesn’t keep their MMA product going.