The McGregor/Mayweather Hype Train Derails


It’s been an, uh, interesting past four days. Especially if you’ve been following the bizarre circus show that’s been the McGregor/Mayweather hype train. Somewhere between the Toronto and London leg of the tour did things begin to derail. The crash was sudden and probably should’ve been expected to some degree. Perhaps it was the sheer momentum the train brought coming in, like a magnet train gaining way too much momentum but no one really stopping to ask why.

The hype for the hype was unreal. Monday and Tuesday were wildly outlandish shit to be sure, riding a high that probably should’ve ended then and there. The press tour concludes with a loud thud as both fighters have seemingly run out of steam and clever shit to say, slinging mud and dirt now. The first two days have been master-class trolling from McGregor, who has had a strong fan-swell of support at each even. Mayweather has been uncharacteristically quiet, but now that’s come to an end.

McGregor, in his own part, is now deemed a racist for making less than stellar analogies at Mayweather and really for being pretty openly racist in the past. I suppose my greatest surprise is the surprise over either McGregor or Mayweather, who pride themselves on being unfiltered and somewhat ignorant, being actually unfiltered and ignorant. Not that it condones the language or behavior, but isn’t this what both fan bases basically expected?

The madness that was the press tour has finally ended, perhaps three days later than it probably needed to and all that’s left is to weather the storm that will be August 26th when they actually square up in Las Vegas. It might be fair to argue the pressers may be the hype we really wanted all along, because expectations about the bout itself outside of the fan boy camps are low for challenger McGregor.


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