The McGregor/Mayweather Hype Train is in full effect


The Mayweather/McGregor press tour has been in full swing and whoo boy, if nothing else at very the least the hype train is very real. Of course, nothing less can be accepted in a bout between two of the (deservedly) biggest braggarts in their respective sports. Mayweather ended his career putting away Andre Berto in 2015, seemingly walking away for good retaining his perfect 49-0 record and his belts. However, rumors started percolating last year Money Mayweather would come out of retirement for one guy: Conor McGregor. McGregor, then really flying high and grabbing the UFC by its balls, made the promotion bow to his whims, even letting him become the first champion to hold two belts simultaneously (though he would eventually vacate the Flyweight title).

What began as a lark has steamrolled into an out of control media circus. One side contends this bout is an insult to both boxing, snubbing boxers clawing up the rankings to be superseded by a guy whose never contended professionally (MMA wins don’t count here) and is straight up about to make the biggest gate boxing has ever seen in its history. Then again, it is very like boxing to put a guaranteed sell-out freak show before keeping the rankings honest.

The other side is too busy wearing shit-eating grins listening seeing McGregor deliver gems like this:

Source: @bokamotoESPN

While watching Mayweather remains mostly like this the last two days:

Source: ESPN

It’s hard not to want to jump on the hype train. There is no question McGregor makes it look like he was born to have a microphone in his hands. It were as if he molded himself after mid-90s WWF. However this is pure, McGregor-master-class trolling. The kind the public can’t help but eat up because his charisma is too electric. The kind of shit talking he used to drum up promotion for his bouts, which arguably earned him his title shots more than anything else.

Both boxing and MMA are in strange spots right now. MMA had the upper hand in pop culture for years, especially in the early 2000s, having once owned young audiences who have now generally gotten old. UFC is also struggling in maintaining its stars or even getting their main events to actually happen. Since joining Fox broadcasting, the UFC has struggled maintaining the quality of its programming and keeping up with the demands the network has put upon it since the ink dried on their contract.

Boxing has struggled finding ways to maintain its PPV model, currently being eaten by UFC and fans losing favor thanks to failed mega-fights like Mayweather and Pacquiao’s bout. There are no shortage of genuine stars, though: the likes of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, Andre Ward, Terence “Bud” Crawford to name a few. Canelo and Golovkin is boxing’s next true super fight, but it won’t sniff even a third of what Mayweather and McGregor will likely drum up, even if its guaranteed to be a clash-of-titans-type fight.

The prevailing outcome is for Mayweather almost unanimously among the press and professional fighters. The press tour ends tomorrow then we can all go back to calming down and letting our phones charge after following this madness. Here are some choice videos for those who have struggled to keep up with this glorious madness:

Vid Sources: The complete Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Los Angeles Press Conference Video, Floyd Mayweather fires back at Conor McGregor ‘The fans can’t fight for you’ | TOR | UFC ON FOX


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