Rob Kardashian going in on Blac Chyna


Love it or hate it, nothing gets Twitter frothing into a frenzy quite like celebrity drama unfolded in real-time. But no one expected it to be this juicy and let everything out. Rob Kardashian is finally fed up with Blac Chyna’s infidelities, in which he’s known and talked about in the past but always seemed to push it aside for the love he has for Chyna.

Anyone who has followed this drama via social media or, heaven help you, watched an episode of “Rob & Chyna” it seemed almost clear as daylight things weren’t quite right with their relationship. This is all ignoring pre-existing connections: specifically Chyna has a child with Tyga, who at the time was statutorily raping Kylie Jenner. Right there and then it should’ve been red flags everywhere, knowing that all she wanted was more fame to bring in more money and get back at Tyga for dating Kylie.

By this point you may be asking yourself why the fuck is this anyone’s business or, better yet, why is this news. To answer the latter, no it’s not news, but there’s something about public meltdowns that are not unlike freeway accidents. It knots your stomach to think about the accident but there’s no way you’re ignoring the fucking rubble. A small part inside of you enjoys this while laughing and nodding your heads on what a shit show it is.

Now Rob Kardashian may get penalized for posting all this on social media about Blac Chyna due to it being a possible online crime. Due to California’s revenge porn law, Rob could face jail time. It’s still not very clear on what will happen and if it will follow through. Now we wait for more drama to come out!