Love is in the air for DraLo

Where do I start? This just feels like it’s all for publicity but then there’s this…this…kiss. A kiss that happened at a prom-themed winter formal party both attended (try not to gag). There are so many videos shared on Instagram of both dancing and sharing kisses on/off stage. All these rumors started when Drake attended two of J.Lo’s Las Vegas shows in the same week. Shortly after, Drake reportedly invited J.Lo to intimate get together in which they ended up leaving together. After the first selfie they took together on December 11th rumors began to spread like wildfire and while Twitter seems to have no shortage of haters. There is, after all, a 17 year difference between the two. Or put this into perspective: J.Lo was 28 years old when she made Selena in 1997; Drake was 11 years old and probably just started discovering his body. But does age really matter when it comes to love? As long as it’s of legal age, of course.
Even though right now public display has been just a few selfies here and there, not to mention a very cozy picture they have together, so it may really just be love. They may also be working on music together in which makes me iffy on the whole situation. I just don’t know what to expect out of it, be it good or bad. Besides making music together, they will be bringing in the New Year together as Lopez recently cancelled her event in Miami to spend it with Drake.
The duo may have some support from their fans, but Rihanna isn’t having it. As soon as pictures went to Instagram, she immediately unfollowed Jennifer Lopez on all social media accounts. But something like that couldn’t be prevented, it seems J.Lo had his number on her new boy toy. J.Lo and Drake were meant to be since her first album’s title is “On the 6” and Drake is all about the “6”. Drake is all about that lovey dovey kinda love. Could this be the best he ever had? Lest we all forget Drake is as soft as Angel Soft making him the game’s most expensive toilet paper and J.Lo is simply loving the softness. Let’s see how long this lasts and all the emoji love that is going on between the two with all their heart-eyed emojis.