Love is in the air for DraLo

Where do I start? This just feels like it’s all for publicity but then there’s this…this…kiss. A kiss that happened at a prom-themed winter formal party both attended (try not to gag). There are so many videos shared on Instagram of both dancing and sharing kisses on/off stage. All these rumors started when Drake attended two of J.Lo’s Las Vegas shows in the same week. Shortly after, Drake reportedly invited J.Lo to intimate get together in which they ended up leaving together. After the first selfie they took together on December 11th rumors began to spread like wildfire and while Twitter seems to have no shortage of haters. There is, after all, a 17 year difference between the two. Or put this into perspective: J.Lo was 28 years old when she made Selena in 1997; Drake was 11 years old and probably just started discovering his body. But does age really matter when it comes to love? As long as it’s of legal age, of course.
Even though right now public display has been just a few selfies here and there, not to mention a very cozy picture they have together, so it may really just be love. They may also be working on music together in which makes me iffy on the whole situation. I just don’t know what to expect out of it, be it good or bad. Besides making music together, they will be bringing in the New Year together as Lopez recently cancelled her event in Miami to spend it with Drake.
The duo may have some support from their fans, but Rihanna isn’t having it. As soon as pictures went to Instagram, she immediately unfollowed Jennifer Lopez on all social media accounts. But something like that couldn’t be prevented, it seems J.Lo had his number on her new boy toy. J.Lo and Drake were meant to be since her first album’s title is “On the 6” and Drake is all about the “6”. Drake is all about that lovey dovey kinda love. Could this be the best he ever had? Lest we all forget Drake is as soft as Angel Soft making him the game’s most expensive toilet paper and J.Lo is simply loving the softness. Let’s see how long this lasts and all the emoji love that is going on between the two with all their heart-eyed emojis.


Race to Super Bowl LI

It feels like it was only yesterday we saw Peyton Manning in Super Bowl 50 with a dominant Denver Broncos defense taking their big win. We are now only a couple of weeks away from Super Bowl 51 and the race for the playoffs has gotten even more intense. I’ve been wondering who will make it with New England standing tall in the AFC, especially with contending Raiders losing QB Derek Carr for the season and Kansas City stalling these last few weeks. The NFC is burning with the Cowboys rolling on a two game win streak heading into a bye week, while the Seahawks, Falcons and Packers are clawing to keep their hopes alive. Green Bay can also thank a decaying Lions team who will be fighting for their lives on New Years Day against a confident Aaron Rodgers.
I’m going to be upfront, I think the Patriots will lock this year down with a disappointing win on par with Trump(Too much?, I dunno). They are playing like they’ve already won it. However you can’t count out the Falcons, Seahawks, or even the Raiders quite just yet. The Seahawks are playoff bound but not quite comfortably. If they want a first round bye, they’ll have to beat San Francisco which likely won’t be so hard. As for the Green Bay, they’re clutch when determined and it’s been proven again this season. They’re annoying as hell, but you can’t ignore their tenacity. Rodgers is showing why he is an MVP. Then there’s the Falcons, who come in with a 10-5 record, striving for that elusive playoff win that has been haunting them.
Finally we have the entertaining Dallas Cowboys who can’t be talked up enough. Their superstar rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot have been nothing short of ridiculous. There is the storyline of the passing of the torch in less than deserving ways as Tony Romo was forcibly removed by injury in preseason. There is no team hotter in the NFL than the Dallas Cowboys, whether you’d like to hear that or not. They are the NFC’s leading contender and there looks like no sign of them stopping.
• Patriots/Cowboys
• Patriots/Seahawks
• Patriots/Falcons
• Patriots/Packers
• Raiders/Cowboys
• Steelers/Seahawks

Taking a Walk On the Wild Side – Pokemon Sun/Moon

It’s a testament to a franchise to be just as relevant today as it was 20 years ago. While some things don’t change, like Ash Ketchum still being a loser, a lot of the latest entry gives Pokemon The Force Awakened treatment: making something old feel new again, even if it isn’t dramatically so. While the franchise has grown in depth tremendously, especially since 2007’s Diamond/Pearl introduced online activity, none of the games managed to really recapture the sense of wonder many felt during their first playthroughs of Red/Blue or Silver/Gold. That sensation of exploring a new world teeming with new life.

Alola is a world where for the first time in the franchise’s history actually feels like a world where people and Pokemon live together. Rather than reuse key items and force useless moves on your team, the newly introduced Ride Pager solves both problems. The Ride Pager allows you to ride on one of seven Pokemon that perform special functions. You can call on Charizard to fly you anywhere you’ve visited on Alola, ride a Stoutland to look for hidden items, or even be carried by a Machamp while it shoves big blocks out of your way.

There are three key ways to experience Pokemon: 1.) to fight everyone and prove you’re better than them, 2.) to complete your Pokedex and catch all 802* Pokemon, and 3.) to wander around and take in the sights. For a while the third option wasn’t really a viable one since the main plot line in nearly all entries have been too linear for their own good. You essentially run a loop around the world map and grind through the mandatory 8 gyms before taking on the Pokemon League. The story is always meant to act as a coming of age tale, but it always comes off as children wandering away from home fighting organized crime with extremely dangerous monsters. Alola’s trials, which replace gym battles, feel so much more fun and organic than anything provided before.

For returning fans, Sun/Moon streamlines a lot of its more complex inner workings to get you into competitions more quickly. The new Z-moves are cute more than useful, not quite being the gamebreaker some may have feared they would be. Plus if you’ve been stockpiling Pokemon from either X/Y or Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, you can only transfer your Pokemon through the Bank, which itself won’t be prepared for Sun/Moon until January.

The biggest reason Pokemon continues to be great is because it’s strikes a balance between being shallow enough to understand and enjoy on a superficial level but deep enough that it takes hundreds of hours to wrap your mind around combating complex tactics employed by some of the best real players around the world.

One has to wonder how much of Sun & Moon’s current success is in thanks for Pokemon Go’s insane ascension in the mobile market (and it’s equally insane dip following months of updates and tweaks). While Nintendo hasn’t had success creating new franchises, Pokemon has always been a go-to. Right now it’s Nintendo’s fastest selling title ever and for good reason. Sun/Moon is nostalgia refined and distilled. Forget the cutesy graphics for a moment and the whack anime that accompanies it. Pokemon has been a pillar franchise for Nintendo for a reason: because few games are as good as you remember them to be. Sun/Moon is that kind of game.