Someone matches Dark Souls speed record using YouTube

It feels like every once in a while someone is attempting some new bizarre speed run of Dark Souls. One player has beaten the game using a Guitar Hero controller, while another player has beaten it by just yelling at the game. One player has taken it to the next level simply by using their eyes.

Going by the online alias of BakaGaijin, the player has alleged to have tied the alleged fastest speed run record set by Twitch streamer Elajjz of 1:24:20, simply by watching the screen. Over an IRC chat interview BakaGaijin said, “It was intense. It was definitely a strain on my eyes to stare so hard and for so long but I did it. I managed to maintain constant eye contact and completed the game from beginning to end.” When I asked how he felt sharing the current record Gaijin replied, “He did it his way. I did it my way. That’s all I’m going to say.”


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